cortical linguistics
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Günter Kochendörfer

Cortical Linguistics

(internet publication)


The notion of "cortical linguistics" refers to a variant of linguistics which explicitly tries to build linguistic theories using all of the information known about cortical (and subcortical) structures. This means that such information is not only used to check or modify results of linguistic investigations but serves as an inventory of building blocks for new theoretical concepts. This is not possible without extending classical methods of linguistics by use of computer simulations.

Parts of cortical linguistic theories have already been published (see bibliography). Now it seems desirable to try a more comprehensive and consistent description and if possible close existing gaps.

The project of a publication like this, which necessarily will require several years, seemed not to be feasible in an optimal form as a series of books. Publication on the internet, on the other hand, is ideally suited for this purpose because of the possibility of publishing existing parts immediately, and thus encouraging prompt discussion.


Last update 6/15/2003